Organize It!

“Organize It!” Clothing Closets and Drawers

February has arrived and with it comes a new "Organize It" project. In January I set up a new home office and spent the month taming paperwork. For the month of February I have assigned myself the task of getting my dressing room, clothes closets, and attic spaces in order.  As I searched the Internet… Continue reading “Organize It!” Clothing Closets and Drawers

Organize It!

Organize It! Updating the Books

My goal for 2017 is to get my entire house back into perfect order. Five days into January and the Organize It! project is starting well. For the month of January I chose to work on setting up a home office. I've taken over one end of my sun room and now have a small… Continue reading Organize It! Updating the Books

Happy Holidays, Organize It!

Holiday Clean Up: Organize Your World…

...while I'm organizing mine. When the new year arrives there’s no rest for the weary until all signs of Christmas or other holiday celebrations are neatly stored away and order in the house has been restored or, at least, brought back to normal. Prepare the storage space. Empty out the storage area where holiday items… Continue reading Holiday Clean Up: Organize Your World…