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Peanut Butter Blossoms

Who doesn't love a peanut butter cookie? Combine it with a chocolate Hershey's Kiss and you get a cookie favorite that shows up on most cookie trays these days. Traditionally they are made with milk chocolate kisses. But try dark chocolate kisses for an extra rich treat or for those who don't like chocolate (yep,… Continue reading Peanut Butter Blossoms

cookies, Recipes: Only the Best!

Magic Cookie Bars

This is one of my family's favorite holiday treats. It's one of the easiest bars to make. I usually save it for the end of my cookie baking day when I'm tired and all "baked out." I can put this one together and pop it in the oven in a couple of minutes or so… Continue reading Magic Cookie Bars

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Christmas Decorating With Vintage Finds

The holiday season for my husband and I began on Thanksgiving day when we hosted a big family dinner. Following a Black Friday spent with friends, the remainder of my Thanksgiving weekend was spent in a decorating frenzy. It always takes a full day to put up the tree, sorting out and fussing over whatever… Continue reading Christmas Decorating With Vintage Finds

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Giving a New Holiday Look to an Old Holiday Tree

My daughter Amy and I made our annual visit to a nearby Christmas shop the other day. We walked through the display of themed trees to get ideas for decorating our own. Those who have been using the same artificial Christmas tree for many years will understand the draw I feel to buy a new… Continue reading Giving a New Holiday Look to an Old Holiday Tree

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Recycle, Reuse, Re-Gift.

Last Christmas, my family decided to have a "white elephant" gift exchange. It wasn't about saving money, although we did save money. My siblings and I have simply grown less particular over the years.  We have reached a point in our lives where we no longer need or desire a bunch of new "stuff." We… Continue reading Recycle, Reuse, Re-Gift.

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Just in time for the holidays…

These handmade gift tags were a craft show best seller! Each is one-of-a-kind with a Christmas theme ready to dress all of your gifts with a special handmade touch. Do you want tags for Hanukkah or another special day or theme? Ask for a custom order! I can make tags for any theme/day that you… Continue reading Just in time for the holidays…

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Cinnamon, Salt Dough, and Baking Soda Clay: Recipes for Non-edible Ornaments

If you are looking for a project to do with the kids, an easy and cheap solution for decorating the Christmas tree, or you just want to have some creative fun on your own there is plenty to keep you busy with these non-edible ornament recipe. Traditional Salt Dough 4 cups flour 1 cup salt… Continue reading Cinnamon, Salt Dough, and Baking Soda Clay: Recipes for Non-edible Ornaments

Happy Holidays

Feeling Thankful for Black Friday

My family doesn't shop a lot. We've even gotten away from most Christmas shopping. Last year the adults opted to do a white elephant gift exchange. Gifts had to be second hand, re-gifted, recycled, reused, or something handmade — you get the idea. We all have things in our houses that we no longer need… Continue reading Feeling Thankful for Black Friday