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Choosing a Boho Chic Decor

I’m attracted to many styles of decorating.  I love the casual soft colors of shabby chic.  I love a traditional décor with oriental rugs and classic furniture.  But the style that seems to suit me best and the one I keep coming back to is Boho Chic.

From myscandinavianhome.com

Boho Chic is a free-spirited style that takes inspiration from around the world.  You’ve probably seen it. You might be using it and not even know it.  It’s a great style for people who want to use the things they already have.  It’s a great style for thrift store shoppers.  It is casual and eclectic. It brings in elements of nature and sits them beside vintage collections.  You can start with all new purchases or you can start with family hand-me-downs.  You can combine modern with vintage and throw in your own hand made works. Colors are usually vibrant, but they don’t have to be.  I’ve seen Boho Chic done with neutrals and it works just fine.  Boho Chic is about layering.  Pillows piled on the sofa and the floor, fringe and beaded trims, paisley, patchwork, Moroccan and Indian designs—any and all will fit right in.

From confettistyle.com

Boho Chic is not for everyone. If you like matching furniture sets and symmetrical lines, it’s probably not for you.  If you insist that everything be new and shiny, it’s probably not for you.  It’s probably not for most people.  But for years it’s been used by artists and hippies, gypsies, grandmas, and anyone with a bent toward the unconventional.  The only requirement for living with a Boho Chic design is— and this is the hard part— having a brave heart.Yes, you have to be brave to be a Boho gal.  If you care about what other people think you should probably steer clear of Boho Chic! Traditional decorating friends will think you have gone off the deep end.  The matchy-matchy lady next door will look down her nose at you. People will say things like “oh you are so creative (meaning “crazy”) but I want my house to be soothing” (which implies that yours isn’t) None of that is true, of course.  Nothing is more comfortable than a Boho Chic room.  It’s the kind of room that begs you to kick off your shoes and settle in with a good book and a cup of green tea. Contrary to popular belief, Boho Chic is not messy.  It does not have to be cluttered.  It does not have to be anything that you don’t want it to be. That’s the cool thing about Boho Chic. You get to make it your own.



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