Organize It!

“Organize It!” Clothing Closets and Drawers

February has arrived and with it comes a new “Organize It” project. In January I set up a new home office and spent the month taming paperwork. For the month of February I have assigned myself the task of getting my dressing room, clothes closets, and attic spaces in order.

posters As I searched the Internet for closet organizing tips, titles like “Conquer clothing clutter” and “53 seriously life-changing clothing organization tips” jumped out at me and gave me the impression that people take their closet organization very seriously!

I am lucky in that, instead of a closet, I have an entire dressing room for storing my belongings. When we bought our house there was already a full wall of built ins in the extra bedroom. We added tall wardrobes and a number of dressers. The only other piece of furniture in the room is a futon where I can sit to put on my shoes, take an afternoon nap, or watch a movie. On the wall behind the futon I applied a floor to ceiling mural of a forest. I painted the remaining walls a vivid lime green. White carpeting runs throughout the upstairs keeping the bright color from becoming too over-powering. After several years I still have not tired of the room which I find cheerful and inspiring.

When I was working I had need for a lot of different clothing items. I have one closet for jeans and dress pants and another for jackets. Blouses hang in a third. Sweaters and tops of all kinds fill dresser drawers. There are dresses, skirts and scarves, belts, boots and handbags. For the past year, since my retirement, they have remained there, mostly untouched. It’s time to do something about it.

My closets and drawers are already fairly well organized. But I no longer need all of these clothes and accessories and reducing the load would make it easier to find things. Dress pants and jackets no longer need the front row seat. T-shirts and jeans have become my daily wear and it would be nice to have them more accessible. An attic space where I store accessories and out of season clothing needs to be emptied so that I can use it for other purposes. I will need to find some creative storage solutions for integrating those things into my main dressing room spaces.

And now, the chore begins…

I will use my camera to photograph things that I can sell on eBay. Some of my former “dress clothes” will  now be assigned to everyday wear. Others I will pack up for Goodwill. I will be looking for creative storage ideas and solutions for keeping items neat and tidy as well as out of sight. Below are a few of the interesting ideas I’ve come across  on Pinterest.



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