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Make Do Decorating: “Snowy Woodland” Christmas Tree

treedec5 2015-12-12 079Christmas has exploded at our house. Many years of accumulation has resulted in box upon box of mismatched Christmas decor. They are things that I love and can’t bear to part with even if I don’t have the room to display them. That isn’t really true though, because I almost always display them all, somewhere and in some way, which is what I mean when I say Christmas has exploded at our house. Even so, I never seem to have exactly what I need to create the latest look that I’ve seen on-line or in magazines. If your household is young and you don’t have boxes filled with decor to work with or if, like me, you just don’t have the right pieces to create the look you want, don’t despair. Christmas decorating doesn’t have to break the bank.treedec 2015-12-12 005

When it comes to just about everything, I am a believer in “use what you have” or “use secondhand.” It’s economical; it’s good for the environment; and, while your own creations may not be an exact replica of that magazine pic you admire, they will be your own unique interpretations.treedec7 2015-12-13 055.JPG

This year, I wanted to create a “snowy woodland” Christmas tree. In magazines and all over Pinterest I was seeing beautiful displays of white blended with natural elements. I was tempted to buy a flocked tree but, knowing that I had a perfectly good green tree packed away in my basement, that wasn’t practical. But oh, all of those sparkling white and crystal elements were so beautiful! The question became how to get a similar look using things that I already have, could buy secondhand at thrift stores, or create myself easily and cheaply.

No matter what look I wish to create, I start by pulling out all of my decorations and taking a good look at what I have. It’s easy to forget what is packed in those stored away boxes from year-to-year. I divide my decorations up by color and think about how I can use them in new and different ways. I consider the possibility of upcycling old and tired pieces, sprucing them up and making them fit a special look with things like spray paint and glitter. Even though my tree is usually very colorful, with colored lights and lots of brightly painted glass ornaments, I realized as I looked through my decorations that I could get the snowy woodland look that I wanted without spending a ton of cash. I already had plenty of pieces that fit the theme.treedec 2015-12-12 072

I found owls and cardinals, rabbits and mice, and sparkling ornaments that would fit the snowy woodland tree theme. I had a dozen white silk poinsettias. In another box I found white pearl beads and acrylic snowflakes that usually hang in the windows of a different room. There was no reason though that I couldn’t use them on my tree this year. Pinecones fall in my front yard and other natural items such as rosehips or greenery could be collected if needed. And, even though my tree is pre-lit with colored lightbulbs, no rule said that I had to plug them in. Instead, I would string onto the tree, white mini lights and maybe even a string or two of clear C-7 bulbs in order to create a sparkling effect.treedec5 2015-12-12 001
We have a small artificial tree–6 ft. tall and fairly narrow which fits nicely in our small cottage-sized living room. The day I decorated the tree, I went through my boxes of ornaments and hung everything that was clear, silver, gold, white, natural looking, and more. I tucked in the white poinsettias and added peach hydrangeas, icy look branches, gold glittered ferns, and I tied them up with burlap ribbons. I used a few burgundy and pink flowers as accents, draped the tree with the white pearl beads and added soft green ones as well. I was surprised how many things worked. In fact, I used almost every ornament in my boxes. What I didn’t use was anything red. Red ornaments spoiled the snowy effect so, with the exception of a couple of cardinals, a touch of red in my ribbons, and a few burgundy flowers, I left the red ornaments off the tree. As a final touch, I dusted the entire tree with part of a bag of loose “snowflakes.” The final result was not exactly the same as the photos I’d been admiring for weeks. But the final result was dazzling!tree 2015-12-01 063





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